"Hot versus Cold" - Louise van Alenburg -

Drawings, Paintings and Poetry

Louise van Alenburg is a Dutch visual artist who has lived in several countries over the past 15 years. She has experienced many different cultures and forms of expression. In this exhibition, the artist presents visual art and poetry which complement each other and tells a story of sweeping change. In the paintings the artist expresses her emotions by using colour, texture and mixed media. Louise's semi-abstract representations of her warm and cold feelings are seen in symbols such as snow, ice, glaciers, eyes, mirrors, hearts, cracked and broken parts.

In this exhibit, Louise invites the viewer to trace her steps from her last months in Russia to living in Fort McMurray. In the artist's first series, "Russian Life and Banya", she depicts faces and bodies submerged in space and time. This series is supported by the poem "Tao".
In the following series, "Ice and snow", "Snowflake reflection" and "Emotion and Quantum field", the artist represents her feelings of transition to a new country, a new culture and her new community of Fort McMurray.

If there is a single piece that describes the artist’s feelings it would be, "In Limbo". Her poem, of the same name further expresses the depth of her transition: "I stand on the rim, not here, not there… My head is full of here and empty of where".                                                                                                                                  Louise van Alenburg   

"Hot versus cold" is a metaphor for change and uncertainty in life. Louise van Alenburg has created symbols which represent what she has seen, explored, felt and experienced throughout her travels.

Ana Maria Mendez Barks Exhibition Curator





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